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ImportedGoods SpA . Began its activities of importing and distributing electronic items in 1995 by importing to Chile Hi End sound systems such as Counterpoint, Conrad-Johnson and others as well as home and professional speakers from Klipsch, manufacturer visited in Hope Arkansas where had the opportunity to meet personally and share with Paul Klipsch the great legend of the American sound that was interested in the trajectory of the owner and commercial manager of the company due to his studies of electronics, sound and music.

The speakers of Paul Klipsch were successfully distributed in Chile for long 10 years. Jorge's experience in marketing consumer electronics and sound products led the company to become a local distributor of the Concord records and Chesky records in the late 1990s, a business in which he was involved for about 6 more years to then cease activities due to the Asian crisis reigning in those days.

The importation and distribution of good sounding articles was resumed in 2006 when Jorge and his partner Mariela travel to New York and discovered that the great sound that the musicians were playing there was largely due to the effects pedals of Electro Harmonix to whose Fabrica was and personally talked with Mike Mathew to bring them to Chile which undoubtedly also marked a great turn in the sound of the Chilean bands sponsoring with pedal effects to bands such as bunkers, boobs, musician - today with Luis Fonsi- Roberto Trujillo, Sole Genua, VGTrio, and many more.

The increase in live musical activity and the need for more and better products for the correct sound of Chilean musicians led the company to add representation, import and distribution of other prestigious brands such as Morley, Carl Martin, MOOER, Joyo and others as well as to put its own Show Room, distribution and retail center in the main gallery of this country, the gallery Crowne Plaza Oriente where the offices and local winery also operate today. The volume of items handled led the company to place the main winery in the city of Casablanca near the main ports of our country.
At present and after testing with turntables of the factory Voxoa, the company has initiated the marketing and distribution of home audio systems which is back as great entertainment of families again.

Nowadays, more than 10 people work in the company of store sellers, field salesmen, technicians, and administrative and dispatch personnel. They invoice around US $ 350,000 a year and have obtained the prestige of the local environment.

Mission of the Company: Import and distribute first class products that help improve the sound of home, musicians and live performances.

Business philosophy: excellent quality to create first-class brands, a truly sincere, perfect service.

Service concept: Offer customers a full range of audio system solutions.

Entrepreneurial spirit: pragmatic, honesty, unity and innovation.

Company values: performance first, efficiency first, service first, the application of supremacy, innovation first.

Company style: realistic, pragmatic, honest, practical.

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Jorge at Namm Show 2016
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